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Wandbergesack für K.E.D. System (Kat Bag)

  • Main compartment for the K.E.D. and a slot for thepadding of the K.E.D.
  • Long side zipper for easy removal of the K.E.D.
  • Front compartment with secure opening to avoid lossing the first aid material with removable inside pocket.
  • Second front pocket for private equipment with a holderfor a drinking bottle.
  • Easy waist belt.
  • Simple shoulder straps.
  • Sturdy handle.
  • Compression belt.
  • Own strap for secure fixing.
  • Separat loop for fixing the bag at the wall.

Lieferbar: a.A

Wandbergesack 17


Art.Nr. Bezeichnung Volumen Gewicht Maße Farbe Shop
697040 Wandbergesack für K.E.D. System (Kat Bag) 38L 822g 85x36x20cm

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